V-Stitch crochet place mats

I have realised that I have been way too sloppy about taking notes lately – that is approximately since last winter. So I am now going through some of my projects to fill those gaps while I still have at least some vague recollection of what I was doing a few months ago.

I bought quite a bit of Alize cotton yarn about a year ago, to make some crochet place mats. I was planning to make a set where each mat would be done in a different stitch pattern, and I wrote about the first ones here

However, after I had finished those, I have made two more, and apparently never wrote about them. However, I love these so much more than the rest, I am now thinking of making a whole set of identical ones. If I ever have the time to get round to it, that is.


In my total absent-mindedness, I did not note down which blog I used for the pattern, so I feel horrible I cannot credit them. I scrutinized the fabric, and I think I used the following stitch:

I chained 78 (I think), to give me 36V’s + a dc on each side (or 37 inverted V’s if you like).

Row 1: dc in the 6th ch from the hook, ch1, (dc together as follows: 1 dc in the same ch and  1 dc in the 2nd ch, ch1). Here’s a very sloppy chart.


Total of 32 rows for the mat, 1 skein of Alize’s Bella Batik design (180m/50g) per mat, 3mm hook.

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