WIP Wednesday – new projects multiplying

I have just found the darning needle, and finished off the first side of the cushion cover. The pattern is by Woolly Thoughts. I’m working on the other half slowly, but quite sure it’ll be ready in time.

2015-02-18 21-20-21

A few more motifs for my new dress

2015-02-18 21-53-56

I also have cast on a new project today – my little girl asked for a knitted teddy bear and chose a pattern by Debbie Bliss.

2015-02-18 21-55-39



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    Your cushion cover is looking great and I think your dress will be amazing. I love those crochet shapes and the yarn is just beautiful :)
    Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

  2. 5

    I always have lots of projects on the go but am trying to not start anything until have everything I need, well I did say try. Love the lace motifs and the teddy is going to be fab

    • 6

      I try not to have too many – at the moment there are a couple more than I like to have. I need to have 2-3 on the go, for different moods and situations, but too many – and I loose my focus. I think I must finish the bear and the pillow cover as soon as I can, then it’ll become manageable again.

    • 12

      I love making toys for my little ones because it’s amazing to see them play. But I wish I didn’t find it soooo boring to make them. The bear could have been ready five times by now…

  3. 14

    The pattern for cushion is not mine – it’s CCC by Woolly Thoughts. Now that I know the principle, I will be able to plan a similar one with different shapes – which I may do, as I have enjoyed the project so much.

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