YOP – Week of the 10th of May and a Cry for help


To start with,  I’d like to ask for some help.  Some time ago between January and now I have come across on the Web a blog post about needle felting  and I loved it so much. I left a comment there and also thought I saved the link,  but apparently I didn’t  :(. It was an easy  tutorial to explain basics of needle felting and featured two projects – one was flat abstract pattern with swirls,  and then some project with more volume.  The author used kitchen sponge as the background.  I think I came across this either  as a part YOP or some linky party,  but not sure at all.  Anyway,  if anyone knows what I am talking about,  I’d be ever  so grateful for a link!

As for me,  I have been working on the yoke for the cardigan for my little girl,  and I’m about half way through.  I can’t wait  to get to forming the sleeves to see how it  will fit.




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    Sandra Licher

    What a darling sweater that is going to turn out to be! I love the colors you’re using. Sorry, I’m no help on needle felting but I checked out the MrsPollyRogers link and i want to make that pillow with the circles! LOL! Good Luck!

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      Thank you. This is a lovely self striping yarn. I’d love to get more in different colour combinations for future projects.

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    Crochet Hooks

    ok weirdness….this might duplicate, apologies if so. I love the colors you are using, looking great so far! While Kristina has tried needlefelting, I don’t remember seeing any tutes lately. Sorry :(

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