Broody Hen Teapot Cozy

I just finished this tea pot cozy. I started it back in Prague, it was all ready, in separate parts, and I for some reason could not finish it off for over a year. Now, after the move I don’t have the teapot I made it for… But then, I don’t have any teapots, so when I finally buy one, I can buy the one it’d fit on…

This is actually my first design ever. I made the same cozy when I was very ill at the age of 14. Back then crochet really helped me pull it through. I bought a crochet magazine, and it turned out to be the best one I ever laid my eye on. I still have it, all torn and worn out. It had several stuffed toys in it. So I used elements from a rooster, changed a bit to make it look like a hen, and instead of toy body I made the cozy itself. It was really cute. I never thought of taking a picture. My mom had it for years, until it was damaged in some accident. Ever since I wanted to make another one. Finally, 18 years later it’s here!

2014-01-22 09.47.01 2014-01-22 09.47.35 2014-01-22 09.47.16

P.S. My mom has found and brought the original one for restoration – read here about it.

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