Gagarin Baby Hat

1 ball of Fiaba by Grignasco (60m/50g), needles 7mm, hook 6 mm. Ear flap (make 2). CO 3 st (leave a long, at least 1m end). Knit in seed stitch pattern, making 1 sticht at the beginning and end of each row, until each piece has 9 st (4 rows). Continue straight for 2 more rows. RS – at the beg of ear flap 1 CO 6 stitches, knit in seed pattern until the end of flap 1. at thebeg of flap 2  CO 18 stitches, with the yarn from flap 1 knit up the stitches of flap 2 (42 st). WS – CO 6 st, knit in seed stitch over all stitches = 48 st. continue for 4 more rows. Switch to stockinette stitch and go on for 6 rows. Next row RS – (k2tog, k10, ssk) 4 times. WS – always purl. Next row – (k2tog, k8, ssk) 4 times. Continue decreasing until you have 8 stitches. Cut yarn leaving 2m long end. Pull the end through the 8 stitches and use it to sew up the back seam. Using the free ends at the bottom of ear flaps, with a hook chain stitches to make 20 cm long ties.

PS Next time I’ll make slightly different – it needs to be deeper, probaby with more rows at the back than at the front, but all in all not bad for the first 100% my own design hat

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