More kitchenware knitting

So I have been into dishclothes and towels lately. I felt like I needed some thoughtless knitting with immediate results, and these projects were just perfect. And still sticking to Mason-Dixon. I made the moss grid hand towel. Messed up the pattern a couple of times, with no visual effect, luckily. I only did 9 repeats before running out of patience and used about 1 1/4 ball of yarn.

2013-04-27 18.40.53 2013-04-27 18.41.22

I also produced three comfort squares. The most square one was th 3.0mm needles, but still my mitered square was not square enough, and I don’t think going down one more needle size would be a good idea. I always wanted to make a blanket of mitered squares, but now I’m having second thoughts. I guess when I get there, I’d just have to swatch and decide.

2013-04-29 13.03.40


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