“Day-um, I’m good!” Hmmm, not so much as I expected

The little preface to this pattern in the book says, that if you can knit first few rows without a mistake while watching TV, you can say to yourself, “Day-um, I’m good“. Well, I thought that a few yarn-overs and decreases can’t be that bad. I cast on bravely on 2-circs and happily clinked along, while watching my favourite Babylon 5. When I spotted the first mistake, I went back about half a row to fixt it. When I spotted another one, I just played around to come back to the right stitch count. After I was done with the hard part, I went semi-content to sleep. Only to find next morning, that I actually twisted the cast-on row while joining the round, and now have about 8 rounds of moebius twist… The second attempt went really well though, I guess it helped a lot that I used a shorter circular needle (60cm) for the first 1/3 of the rounds, switching to 2 circulars later.2013-04-04 18.55.26

Mine do not lay flat, but I suppose that’s because I used needles two sizes larger than I should have. But as they are for may kids to play in the bathtub, it doesn’t really matter :).



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    Karen Kupka

    I ‘m about to start this one – thanks for the caution about needle size. And the linoleum one is next on the list, in black and cream so that it actually looks like the floor of my childhood kitchen.

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