Lino Dishcloth

I seem to gravitate a lot to Mason Dixon patterns. It has happened so many times that I liked a pattern, and it turns out another one from them or their book. I like tons of patterns, and Mason Dixon ones are just a fraction. But still, they are the only designer (or rather a group of designers), with the most patterns that I like.

I’ve seen this one on Pinterest, and just had to make one. It was also very handy, as we’ve just moved, and I don’t have much kitchen stuff with me yet. Here is the link to the pattern. While looking up the link just now, I’ve seen two more dishloths that I like… Nine patch and the pear-shaped one. Might go for them… I find dishclothes very gratifying at the moment, as they are quick (great as I’m so short of time), and make the new home more homely.


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