My plans for 2023

I have so many ideas in my head, that i really think I need to put them down in writing.

I think i have now found a perfect formula for my home-based and on-the-go projects. There are quite a few pairs of socks I’d like to finish, ans they all will be my commute companions, as socks are truly a perfect portable knitting. If manage to finish the following until the end of the year, I’ll be proud of myself

* a pair for my mom, inspired by her favourite store-bought socks. I’ve been trying to chart the pattern, and it’s a pain. So i think instead, I’ll do alternating diamonds of ribbing and rice stitch patterns

* a pair for my husband. First one ever, i dread a little as to how long it will take for his size 45…

* a skinny short pair to wear with sneakers. Maybe from cotton blend

* a well fitting pair for me, maybe herbarium socks

* a pair of thicker socks for me. I have plenty of white yarn left over from the moomin blanket. I’m thinking of making a pair of socks, and then dying them

* a pair of looser fitting thin socks for me, similar to these ones

* maybe a pair each for my kids, but i doubt I’ll manage that, unless i stop working from home and my commute time increases substantially

The larger projects I have in mind will all be stay-at-home ones.

* I need to finish my marshmallow cloud as soon as possible

* and then the white ribbed sweater that will be perfect for spring

* i have been toying with the idea of teal cotton sweater with lace stripes on the sleeves for a long time, I think it’s now time to make it.

* a cardigan or a sweater from the purple fluffy yarn has been in plans forever too, similar to a t-shirt I made for my daughter

*a light oversized sweater on large needles with neon stripes

* and a cozy one from bouclé

* a vest

* and a beach dress, i yet have to find the perfect yarn for.

Hmm, i think the above will keep me busy for more like 2 or 3 years… And I’m sure some new ideas or requests will intrude in the meanwhile as well.

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