Ravellenic Games – Frogging Trampoline

Another thing I’d probably have never done without the games. I had two unfortunate projects in expensive yarns.

The first one – sleeveless cardigan from VK, in beautiful Alchemy Yarn’s Silk Purse. This was a total fail on my side. I didn’t swatch properly and knitted the whole thing, only when I started seaming did I realize that it’s twice as wide as it should be. I didn’t know what to do with it, so it was lying around in a plastic bag… When I was frogging it, I forgot even how it was supposed to look like and actually thought I’m frogging a front and a sleeve, wondering where the two other are, as I sort of knew I finished all the parts. Anyway, frogging went much better than I expected, I didn’t have to cut yarn anywhere to untangle. Here it is before:


And after:

The second one was Haruni, one of my first projects (or the first one???) from Ravelry. I was carried away by popularity, and started it using some Orenburg down. To start with, I was disappointed in yarn. I didn’t expect gossamer quality, but I did expect even yarn – not thick and thin quality:

Later on I realised I hated triangula construction where every row is longer than previous. but I kept struggling, with a newborn baby to take care of at the same time. So it was no surprise when several rows into the border I knew I made a mistake somewhere. I had a lifeline, but my motivation was all gone. I decided to put it away and finish later. Three years after it was still there lying in another plastic bag. By now I also knew I didn’t like the look of triangular shawls on me on top of that. So it was also doomed to be frogged. I was terrified of frogging it though – mohair-like yarn with lots of fluff. doubled with super-thin silk thread for durability. But it wasn’t as bad either. Silk thread did slow down things, but all in all it took me one evening and one morning to frog both things. Here’s my white Haruni before:

and after:


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