Sapphire crochet top – free draft pattern

Originally, this top was meant to be a quick project. I started it last may, and hoped to finish it quickly and wear it all summer. But something went wrong, and it took me over half a year to finish it. I had many doubts along the way, and at a certain point was sure it wouldn’t fit me. But hey-ho! It’s done, it fits and I love it! Never mind it’s middle of the winter, hopefully, it’ll get warmer soon, and I will be able to wear it – at least, as a layer.

Tools and materials

I have used just over 300g of Alize Miss yarn (279m/50g). Katia’s Jaipur is about the same weight, and is also 100% cotton.

1.25mm hook. I also used 1.5 mm hook to chain the starting chains. This was a mistake, the cast on edge was wobbly and ugly, and I had to remedy it by 2 rows of ribbing worked from the edge down.

Gauge and finished measurements

The above are finished measurements in cm, to fit an M size (87cm chest measurement)


Stitch pattern (US terminology)

Multiple of 10 stitches plus 3, chain multiple of 10 + 5, and work in the 4th chain from the hook – 3 chains=1 st. Vertical repeat is 10 rows.


14 pattern repeats.

Chain 145, then work set up row – dc stitches only (143 dc)

Work 5 repeats vertically. Next row bind off 8 sts on each side for armhole shaping.

Continue working in pattern for 14 rows decreasing one stitch on each side, then continue for 5more rows evenly.


Make two parts, mirroring decreases . 7 pattern repeats. Alternatively, you can work front on one piece as well, and split for neck shaping after 4th vertical repeat.

Chain75, then work set up row – dc stitches only (73 dc)
Work 4 repeats vertically.
From the next row, for neckline shaping, dc3tog each row on one side.
After 10 rows, start shaping armholes on the other side like for back.

2 more rows same decreases for neckline, then only decrease 1 stitch every row.

Continue decreasing on both sides until you have 5 stitches left.

Then work in single crochet for 34 rows, last 35th row using sl st, join to back.


Bottom edge, back, and both parts of front: join yarn, and using the set up row as base, work two rows in ribbing (1 front post double crochet, 1 back post double crochet)

Sew together the side seams – I used mattress stitch

Front middle – mine is not symmetric, but I like it. I made 4 rows of single crochet stitch. I then sewed it on top of the second front half.

Neck and arm openings – I simply used one round of single crochet

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