Simple crochet dress

I have had this Missoni dress pinned for years on Pinterest; And finally I have attempted my version:

My yarn was quite thick, so I just used dc stitches, and not granny stitch. My colours are not as vibrant either, but all in all I love the end result.

For the body I have used classic DK weight 100% merino (120m/50g) and 5 mm hook. Stripes are a thinner merino/silk blend. I have increased a fes stitches for the first stripe, and then progressively used a smaller hook size for each new colour.

This crochet dress is made in one piece top-down with a round yoke. I used similar calculations as for the square yoke, but in this case, there are 8 increases evenly distributed acrocc the yoke. Once again, it is worked in round forth and backwards, to ensure the symmetry. I have found that for this yark and hook, I needed slightly less increases, working straitght each 5 rounds or so.

Like with Oregano top, I worked short rows at the beginning. I did 4, but should have done much more (at least 8 if not 12). It’s a bit trickier to spread the increases across the short rows than with a square yoke. I think, I have found a better way than a guesstimate I have used this time, I need to test it next time.

I think using slightly fewer stitches for underarm increases worked well, and generally these sleeves are the best so far, I think. I did less decreasing at the top and more at the bottom. I only wish I had more yarn for slightly longer sleeves.


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    Jacqueline Oyewole

    Your dress is too beautiful. Please do you have a pattern for the yoke part as I would love to try it out? Thankyou

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      Hi Jacqueline! Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, I did not write down what I did exactly for the yoke. The information in this post is best I have.
      Round crochet yokes with short row shaping seem to be very temperamental. I tried repeating this with a different yarn and could not get a satisfactory result…

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