Plans for 2019

I think I did quite well in 2018, making quite a lot of things I planned. As I have recently finished a few projects that have been in planning for ages, my mind is racing, and I cannot really decide what to work on next. So I think this is a great time to try and organise my thoughts.

So what I would like to accomplish in 2019:

For others:

1-4. I have been recless enough to promise each of my children a Christmas sweater and a pair of socks. Honestly, some days I think this alone is enough to fill my year. But I do not have the right yarn in stock and before buying want to see what I have left in Prague that I can use .

5. Finish the top I making for my mom – the repeat of the diamond top I made for me last spring.

6. Try and finish the cruise tunic for my daughter although I hate the stitch pattern.

7. If I go ahead with the crochet top-down CAL, I might make a modified version of Riviera waves for my daughter.

8. I need to finish quickly a wash cloth for a swap.

For my home

9. Still hoping to finish the curtain I started a year ago.

10. Advance on the granny square beach blanket. I have no illusions. This one will still take a few years to finish.

For me!

11. A summer lace top

12. A summer cardigan

13. A winter cardigan

14. At least one pair of socks

15. A warm shawl

16. A summer shawl

18. Another dress – or, maybe a long skirt? Maybr this pattern I’ve found on Etsy.

19. And maybe a beach cover up?

So far this list has only 19 items. Last year’s was longer, and completed a total of more projects. However, most of this year’s list are epic time consuming project. And I am a working mom who also studies. So at the moment, this feels like a three-year plan. We shall see.

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