Spring Leaves Scarf

 Although the ideas was in my mind for a while, and I swatched a couple of weeks ago, only yesterday I started on my new scarf. It’s inspired by this one that will appear in Vogue Knitting Spring 2010. I’ve had a similar stitch patern, but mine has small cables at the base of each pair of leaves. I did the border in moss stitch , and used columns of purl stitches on both sides of the lace pattern to make it stand off. I guess, I’ll knit until I’m half way done, and then turn the pattern upside down, so that both ends of the scarf are the same. Below is a (not very good) picture of the swatch. However, the scarf itself uses only one colourway.

I love how the yarn (Alchemy’s Silk Purse) works up in this pattern – it’s going to be a very soft and shiny spring scarf. AND it knits up amazingly quickly.

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