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This has been another quite productive week. I sort of finished the hat for my mom, although  I might rework it again. First of all, I lost the yarn chicken game twice on this one. My mom brought me two skeins of white yarn for it, in the same colour, but different weights. I hoped that one skein of the thinner one would be enough for the hat, and I’d use the other one for the pom-pom. However, I ran out. I then hoped to use just a bit of the second skein to finish the hat, but what’s left is clearly not enough for a proper pom-pom. On the other hand, the texture of the fabric is much stiffer than that of the original hat, so it doesn’t drape as well. The problem here I think is the yarn. I have a feeling that if I use a larger hook with this one, there holes will be too large (I don’t have a hook in the right size, so I can’t try). So the drape is wrong, you can clearly see a wide “border” where I’ve switched to the thicker yarn and there isn’t enough yarn for a pom-pom…. and mom looked quite disappointed when she saw the pictures. At the moment, I haven’t bound off. But I think restarting this one will not solve all three issues – I think I’ll still run out. So I might do some yarn shopping to see if I can get 3 skeins of yarn that looks like it might give the right drape (less twisted?)… I have plenty of red, so that won’t be an issue, and keep this one to myself, as I also need a  warm winter hat. The pictures the original hat at the bottom and my attempt at recreating it on top.

wpid-img_20150930_225642.jpg wpid-img_20150930_225632.jpg

I also started on the first of the placemats. I am using self-striping cotton, and my plan is to make placemats and coasters all from this yarn, but in different patterns. This one is a classing feather and fan.


Yesterday, I also made three pokeballs – one is already lost :( Picture was taken by my son and features Snivy pokemon I made him ages ago, and the african flower pillow that just happened to be lying around. I have now been commissioned to do another Pikachu (I made one ages ago, too, but it was lost very quickly) or two (as the little girl now wants everything just like her big brother). I am just so happy she hasn’t asked for a set of cards and the album yet…


I also worked on the scarf, but I don’t think a new picture will show off much progress.

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    Lucy Bowen

    I love the pokeballs! I fear some yarn shopping could be in order, although the hat is gorgeous, if you or your mum aren’t completely taken with it, it may not get the love it deserves!

    • 2

      The balls were easy and fun project! As for the hat, I actually think I do quite like it, so it will have a loving home in any case :)

    • 4

      Thank you :) I have a purplish-gray table cloth, I think the colours of this yarn will look great on it, but I’m just too busy to dig it out and try.

  2. 5

    So sorry to read (and see) that the hat isn’t working out right. But that yarn is really pretty. Do I understand what I’m looking at – a larger yarn and a very small secondary yarn crocheted together? What a great effect that creates in the finished project. I hope you can figure out and fix the problem(s) with the hat.

    • 6

      Yes, you are right, it’s two yarns held together: thicker white yarn and lace one in pink. I have been thinking a lot about it, and now I believe that to get the right fabric and drape, I acually need not one strand of thick white, but two strands of lighter one – in my experience this may make the fabric softer and fluffier at the same time. Now to find a moment to go to LYS…

  3. 9

    I am not seeing a great difference between the hat pictures. I wonder if a light wash and blocking might relax the yarn and make it drape a bit more. I’d be very happy if I’d made your one :)
    Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

    • 10

      You can’t really see the difference, but you can feel it. I am almost sure I will keep this one myself, as I don’t mind it being a bit stiffer :)

  4. 11
    Minding My Own Stitches

    The first placemat looks lovely already! I don’t envy you working with cotton – I find it really rough on my hands. But it’s the perfect fiber for what you’re making, isn’t it.

    My nephew would have gone crazy for the Pokemon stuff … so clever that you can figure out these patterns on your own!

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