Summer crochet beanies – free pattern

A very good friend of mine has asked me to make for her and her toddler daughter matching summer beanies. She sent me this photo as a sample of what she liked:

I was able to actually find the pattern – sort of. Here it is (in Spanish). However, I had to make a few changes, and figure out how to do increases to created the crown.

Here are my notes:

I used 100% cotton (Deco 8, 560 m in 100g) and 2.5 mm hook. 30gr for the adult one and 25g for the toddler.

Finished sizes for adult (to fit 54 cm head circumference ) – 50 cm circumference and 19 cm from brim to crown, for child (to fit 49 cm head) -45 cm circumference and 16.5 cm from brim to crown

Motive band at the bottom:

I made a band of 10 motives for the adult hat and 9 for toddler, joining them as you go. When finished with the last one, do not break yarn, and continue with edging alongside the bottom of the motive band (and hat): sc, 5 dcs, sc instead of the larger shell stitch in the Spanish pattern.

Here is my attempt at charting the edging. Red and black stitches represent the part of the last round of the motives. The violet stitches is the edging:

Main part

For the main part of the beanie, start with 10 dc in the magic loop. Next row – use them as the base for (dc2tog, ch3) pattern.

Continue, with 5 increases per round. I am really bad at charting, and creating a chart in round turned out to be totally out of my scope. I tried however to show in a flat chart how the increases should look like.

For adult hat I did 6 more  rounds with increases, one round straight, then 1 more round with increases to get to 45 ch-3 spaces. Then continued for 9 rounds straight.

For toddles size – 6 more rounds with increases (40 ch-3 sp), then 10 rounds straight.

For the last round, join the main part of the hat to the motive band, 4.5 ch3-sp per motive: ch1, sl st in ch3-sp, ch1.

Again, here is my attempt to chart this:

I know this description probably doesn’t make too much sense, but it turned out very difficult to describe the process that’s essentially quite easy. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, I will do my best to explain.


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