WIP Wednesday – Apr 30th: Agent P & Dolman Stripes

Internet is so huge, I discover new stuff all the time. Now I think I finally got the idea of WIP Wednesdays / FO Fridays (is there a Cast On Monday, too, or am I mistaken?). I’ll try and take part to these at least for a while.

As usual, I have mane WIPs going on at the moment. But I’m very actively working on these two:

Agent P for my son. I actually hope to get him done today or tomorrow.

2014-04-30 16.23.44

– And this top for me. I really like the colours. A bit more feminine than I usually wear, but it’ll be good for a change. I’m afraid it’s coming out slightly too big…

2014-04-30 16.24.23


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    Nice projects and I think your striped dolman sweater should be great for the summer months. If your sweater is cotton and you think it is too big, I have actually put a cotton sweater in the dryer to shrink it a little. Good luck!

    • 2

      Thanks a lot! It’s 100% machine-washable wool. I think it’ll be ok, as it’s not meant to be body-hugging anyway. I can’t wait to finish it, as now is exactly the right weather for it.

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