YOP – week of the 15th of February

year-of-projectsThis week was full of excitement for me, including knitting-related. I went to Paris, and managed to visit four (!) yarn shops, and buy some yarn.

2015-02-10 14-28-39a

2015-02-10 17-13-19My resolution at first was that I am not going to touch the new yarn before I finish at least one of my WIPs. Ha! I cannot resist. Jaipur (top picture) is a yarn I had my eye on for a year now, with an idea of what I would like to do with it (another dress, I am afraid). So it looks like the beige dress is going to be put on hold for now. I already did two swatches, and I like the one using bigger hook better – I have even blocked it already.

2015-02-15 14-41-44

I also moved forward with the cushion cover – I found the missing yarn to finish the front side. Only now I cannot find my darning needle, so it’s not sewn. I don’t like the light-blue diamond in the center, but it’s too late now.

2015-02-15 14-38-11

I’m about 1/3 done with the second side, with a month to go, so I think I’m pretty safe here:

2015-02-15 14-40-16


I also made progress on the blanket – the second stripe is about 3/4 done. I need a total of three stripes, and them some sort of an edging – ideally by mid-April.2015-02-15 15-05-03

Sorry about blurry photos, something wrong with my camera today…


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      Thank you :) It’s reassuring to know that the blue doesn’t look off to everyone, there’s a chance my friend will not mind it either.

  1. 7

    I like the light blue square in the middle of the cushion cover. I think it makes the whole thing pop. Love the new dress yarns. I agree, that the bigger hook makes a difference in being able to really see the pattern. Good luck finding that darning needle.

    • 11

      Thank you Chrissie))) I’ve called the dress I’m making Riviera Skies, and the colours remind me of sun and most beautiful sunsets we have here

    • 19

      Thanks a lot! I agree that the colours of both yarns are looking fresh and spring-like . I didn’t find the pattern for the swatches on-line, I am afraid. I might share them later in some form, but I guess not just yet…

  2. 21

    Oh my heavens! Your new yarn is gorgeous–I just want to squeeze it. I wish I could just jet over to Paris and purchase some yarn. :)

    • 22

      I waited for such a long time before I could buy this goodness ))) I so much enjoying working on the first project with my buys.I hope you’ll be able to buy something lovely soon, too. I think in US generally you have much better access to fibery goodnes :) xoxoxo

  3. 23
    Crochet Hooks

    I am going backwards through the Snickerdoodles looking for free patterns to share in the round up and am seeing the dress being created backwards – oh my I am so anxious to get into next month to see the changes! amazing!

    • 24

      That must be an interesting perspective to see the progress :) thank you. I am planning to share the pattern some time, just not sure when, creating charts takes ages…

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