YOP – Week of the 5th of April. Happy Easter!


I made some steady progress this week both with the dress and the blanket,  but there some exciting highlights that I want to share.
Firstly,  I have finished the cushion cover.  It was intended as a gift for a friend,  but alas.  When I was blocking it it got stained.  Washing it again took the horrid stains away,  but some smaller ones are still there – so it is staying with us. I have to say that I love it so much that I’m  rather happy. See this post if you are interested in making a similar one.



I also had some extreme last minute crocheting. Last night it occurred to me that it would be nice to crochet baskets for  the egg hunting for my kids, so I managed to make these lovely ones is a few hours last night and this morning.






The pattern is Diamond Trellis Basket,  but I modified it a bit. I started with 6 sc, increasing by six severy round for 9 rounds (-54 sts). Then one round of sc in the back loop only, increase 2 sts (=56 sts). Turn, roound of dc’s. I then followed the pattern for diamonds (4 repeats). Turn, one round of sc. For handle, 9 hdc’s then decrease 1 sts every row until 6sts left. Work straight gor 12-14 rows, increase 1 sts every row until 9 sts. Join to opposite side with sl st. It also took me a while to figure out that after completing the 2tog  front post stitch, I have to go back to the previous front post stitch and start sc’s from there.

I haven’t updated my list in while, so here it is:

1. Tango tunic – cancelled
2. Red cotton dress for meDONE

3. I promised my man a hat and a scarf for the winter.
4. I hope to make a hat and possibly a scarf for me from the yarn I dyed myself for the first time – now changed to a hat and a cowl for my daughter – DONE

5. Fingerless mitts for my daughter. DONE

6. another beach dress for me
7. Chunky cowl for my mom. I got the yarn for it – DONE
8. A top for me….

9. Very not sure, but may be this afghan for a friend who loves social games.

10. my Comfort Blanket – WIP

11. a few dishcloths – one done

12. a new scrubbie from old neylons – one done

13. a cozy for the teapot I got as a present.DONE

14. One or two pillow covers DONE

15. Present for a baby that’s on it’s way (not mine!!)

16. Hat and scarf for my son

17. Dress for my daughter

18. and a headband for her

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    Congrats on finishing that gorgeous pillow. I’m sorry about the stains but it’s nice that you can keep it now :) Your Easter baskets are lovely too. – perfect for the egg hunt. Happy Easter! And thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

    • 2

      Thank you for stopping by and hosting the link party! Kids did a few rounds of egg hunting with the baskets today – so sweet to see then play with what I’ve made))

    • 14

      I also like the yellow one better :) it was a super last moment project so I had to use stash yarn, and the dark red was the only other option…

    • 16

      Hi Monica, thanks for stopping by! I have started linking on your blog a few weeks ago, and I’ll link today’s new post in a minute ))

    • 18

      Thank you )) And I really reacommend the pattern for the basket – it works up really quickly, and the baskets hold the shape really well .

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