Dan’s Blanket

I think I have a bout of “finish-it-is”. Another long-due project finished yesterday. I actually finished the squares long time ago (november-december??), and it took me another half a year to sew them together and weave the ends. I  guess in  case I’m ever seriously tempted by an afghan that’s made up of hundreds of small motives that have to be sewn together, I should reconsider.

I love the look of it, and the colours, but it’s not perfect. Despite some swatching and rigorous blocking, the squares are still different sizes, so it won’t lay completely flat. For this reason I will not publish a pattern for it. I also could have done  a border, but I was too fed up with it even for a simple sc.

Notes on construction. The squares are arranged in “rounds”. The central square is a granny square in colour A. The next round is in colour B: 4 granny squares for the corners, and 4 squares of a mesh pattern. These are sewn with their cast on egdes to the four sides of the central square, so that it’s completely symmetrical. All next rounds are sewn by their cast on edge, too (except, of course, for the corner ones). Next round in colour A – 12 squares in a lacy shell pattern and 4 granny squares for the corners. Last round: 20 squares in a pattern resembling granny square, but forth and back and 4 granny squares, all in colour B. 49 squares alltogether.

I used sportweight merino wool held double (Grignaco Bamby, 224m/50gr).

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