More time to craft


As we are getting closer to the holidays, I seem to have more time to knit and crochet. I actually seem to be doing much more crochet at the moment.

So I have finished a few more coasters – this time larger ones for mugs and bottles.


Some time ago I have ordered 12 skeins of self striping cotton (Alize Bella Batik) to create a set of 10-12 placemates and coasters – each in a different stitch pattern, so that they are united by size and colour. The colours do not match too well our new appartment, but I still love them. I have by now finished three: in feather and fan, ripple and rectangular granny patterns. The granny one took the least yarn, and was the quickest and most pleasurable to make so far.

IMG_20151217_103352 IMG_20151216_135906 IMG_20151010_232331 IMG_20151219_202003

Also, in the holidays spirit, I crocheted a Christmas tree – I know it needs decorating, but I’m too lazy :(


I have also started a table runner for our coffee table – idea courtesy of my darling SO. It is inspired by this one, bus is knit diagonally, and only simple stripes, no diamonds:


Happy Holidays!



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      Oh, Alize’s yarns are great for striping – very similar to Katia. Bella is also very soft, I love the touch of the table mats as we use them :)

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