Recent FO’s and plans for the future


I have finished a couple more things recently:

Another table mat – we now have 4 of those, enough for the family. Now I want to make some more in case we have guests over. I also think they need to be slightly bigger… I also don’t think I’m going to make matching coasters, but we shall see. I used this great Granny Ripple tutorial for this one:


I have also finished off the hat that was originally intended for my mom, and I absolutely love it! I’m almost sad it’s not warm enough here in Nice to wear it, but I hope it’ll get used when we go to the mountains in February.



A quick gift (pattern from here)


I also made some progress on the table runner, and I like how it is turning out



As the end of 2015 is closing in, I’d like to see how I’ve done so far on my list. As I was going through it, I was surprised at how much I’ve done in the past six months.

1. I want to finish the Riviera waves before the summer is over…. I so I am working quite a lot on it right now. – DONE

2. I promised a long time ago my son a Garry the Snail (from Spongebob) toy – DONE

3. And more recently, a laid-back cat as well… – still in plans (one or two)

4. My mom’s waiting for a winter hat – DONE

5. My darling still hasn’t gotten his scarf and hat either – BOTH DONE!

6. Fingerless mitts for me: – DONE

7. Finish  the white dress for next summer… – getting less and less enthusiastic about this project….

As I think forward, I see some additions to my wish list:

8. My daughter has asked me to make an owl plushie that would look like my teapot cozy – I think I like this project a lot and will start on it soon


9. My son would like a stripy hat like his dads, and I think his old hat is getting small, so I may do it.

10. More table mats. I have now 4 in same yarn and different patterns. Can i take these up to 12?

11. In the new appartment, we need curtains. While for most rooms I will go for the usual fabric ones, for kitchet and hallway windows, I would like something along these lines. May be use fun shapes (owls, other animals etc???):

Or this

10. We’ve also talked with my darling about me making Christmas hats for all four of us for next year….

11. A lamp shade


I hope to have time tomorrow to post a summary of my craft year…


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