Project infidelity

It happens to me from time to time that I keep starting new projects while shoving yesterday’s favourites into a dark corner. At the  moment my warm jumper and the table runner are patiently waiting, while I work on two new, exciting and rather time consuming projects.
My man has asked me for a tube that we will fix to the bottom of our entry door. There is a huge gap between the door, and the aim is to isolate from clod air and noise. I’m playing yarn chicken here, as I am not sure that I’ll have enough yarn for the whole 1.5 m long tube, so I added a section made of different wool.


I have also started another project that was on my mind for years now. This involved originally a 4m long stripe that’s 40 cm wide using cobweb yarn and 2mm hook (me, crazy?! Why are you asking??? My men is convinced I am). Last night I realised that my stripe is only 30cm wide (swatching? What’s that? I made a swatch 2 years ago and didn’t bother to make the math? Who knows why, but it shows how off the balance I am at the moment ). I decided to go on and then add 10cm border.



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    Your projects look great. I like the idea of a knitted draft dodger. And I really love the color of that second item. I don’t have a clue what it is, but the color of that yarn is just lovely and soft.

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