Riviera Waves is done!

yop_banner_2_medium I have been working on this top for my girl since the beginning of May. I have to say I’m not 100% hapy with it – it’s a bit too narrow, and the yoke is clumsy. I could also have done one button hole more – it would probably fit better… But little L loves it, so that’s the main thing. Since I’m not too satisfied, I don’t think I’m going to publish the pattern, but if anyone’s interested I guess I could share some guidelines – let me know.





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    Minding My Own Stitches

    She looks adorable in it and the colours are wonderful. Maybe you need to take a step back to evaluate what you like and don’t like before you make a final decision on the pattern? I really like the contrast between the straight vertical button bands and the horizontal ripples of the body, and I really like the shawl colour look. It all works so beautifully with the variegation in the yarn! Maybe do the sleeves differently?

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      I actually like the sleeves, but I am disappointed in the yoke. I was looking for a more classic, round look, but I guess my maths went wrong… Also, the girl has grown a lot while I was working on this, so I had to move the buttons the the very edge, lol. I hope she gets to wear it a bit until she grows out of completely…

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    Carol D

    I think, in this case, since your daughter loves it, that is what counts. But I’d agree, the yoke – and perhaps the bottom R doesn’t quite match up? that may just be the photo.
    I think it is a great color – and the recipient is happy. if you want to publish pattern, perhaps work a bit on that yoke and hem?
    But it’s a lovely project that pleases the child and that counts for so much! She looks precious!

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      Yes, yoke is definitely not what I intended. What do you mean by bottom not matching? Do you think it needs edging? In any case, I now share my patterns for free, so I don’t think I’m going to make another sample to fix the yoke and other small bits, so many new projects calling me!

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    Adorable sweater. The colors are fantastic. It’s amazing how kids love something but the parent/creator can always find something to fix?

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      Thank you :) You are right, children are not picky at all, they just like the fact that you spent time and effort and something specially for them – I least mine do.

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