Summer crochet from bamboo yarn

This spring I have ordered quite some yarn of Turkish descent – the Alize brand. I fell in love with colours of a self striping yarn – Bamboo Fine, but when it arrived it took me a while to decide what to make with it – I have suddenly realized that I do not really like striped clothig so much. After long and annoying research, I have finally come across a perfect project: Ballet neck tee by Linda Skuja.

My gauge was different, but I just used directions for a larger size to compensate. It was a very quick project, and an amazing result. The only thing I didn’t enjoy so much about the project were the rows where I had to crochet into slipped stitches – with my yarn and tension it was very tricky. I ended up using a larger hook for slipped stitches and a smaller hook for the rows that called for DCs crocheted into those slipped stitches.

I wore my top quite a lot already, and I am a bit disappointed about the yarn – the colors are amazing, and it’s deliciously soft, but it’s peeling horribly, and the top is looking quite worn.

The second project I have chosen for this yarn was Edelweiss shawl by Drops. It came out beautifully, too! I tried a border with it, but then decided to leave it without. As the shawl grew larger, the colour repeats on the yarn started changing faster. To keep the stripes distinct, I first used two skeins at the same time (for example working one repeat of purple-pink from one skein, then switched to a second skein to continue working in the same purpe-pink combo, then used the same skein for blue-green section, the returned to the first skein for blue-green etc) , and then finally three skeins towards the end.

I still have about 150g of this bamboo left, not sure what they will become…


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