YOP Week of the 8th of March – progress


This week has been quite productive.

I’ve finished the 2nd side of the cushion cover. Now need to block both sides, buy a zip and sew the whole thing up. And weave in the ends….

wpid-img_20150308_181610_1425840700615.jpgI also made some great progress with the dress, forming the sleeves at the moment

wpid-img_20150308_181529.jpg\ wpid-img_20150308_181523_1425840874251.jpg


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      Thanks a lot! I really hope the cushion cover evens out with blocking – one of the corners looks horrid, as I used the yarn from ripping another project – didn’t have enough in the skeins.

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      Mmmm, not really – I hate sewing up, especially if it involves sewing in zips… I haven’t even bought one yet. But I hope that I won’t be procrastinating for much longer

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      Thank you. The dress is really shaping up. I’ve finished the sleeves section and think of blocking it to see how it’ll look

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    I keep thinking I would like to knit a cushion. I even have the yarn all picked out, but I’ve been holding back until I have a bit more time… Looking forward to seeing the cushion completed, it looks great already.

    Fab progress on that dress. I’ve not checked in for a few weeks, so it’s lovely to see what people have been up to!

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      I find cushions to be quite quick. For this one I’ve used fingering weight, but if you go for aran, a small 60x60cm (24″) cusion is really quick. As a wedding present I made 2 cushions in 10 days. Of course everyone’s speed is different, but compared to a sweater or a blanket, they are quick :)

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