Heatwave crochet bikini top

I have been craving a crochet bikini top for at least a year now. This was my first attempt, and as such it’s a success. Next time, I will make the cups a bit larger, for a more comfortable fit.

I used 50g exactly of Alize Forever Simli (280m/50g) and a 1.5mm hook ,and it took cca 9 hours to finish.

I have used this chart as a base for my bikini, with a few modifications.

For the cups, chained 24. 20 dcs, 7 in the last one, 20 more from the other side of the chain. Next rows, dc in each dc, until the middle one – 5 dc in that one, then continue even on the other side.

I went on for 10 rows (should have done 11-12) before starting the border. I therefore had 14 3-dc clusters on each side of the cup in the first row of edging – ch 3, 3dc between 2nd and 3rd dc of the previous row. sk 3 dc, 3dc in the next space. At the top, 3dc into each of the 3 middle dcs.

Last row- 4 dc in the first dc, (sc in the next sp netween 3dc clusters, 7 dc in the next space). At the top, 3 dc before 3 top clusters, 3 dc into the top dc, 3 dc after the 3 clusters,

For the body, I chained 64 on each side of the cups. After 1 row of sc, I did 4 repeats (17 rows) of the pattern.

For the bretels, chain 46, 2dc in the 4th chain from the hook, (sk2 chs, 3dc in the next, until the end of the row). Then do the shells like the last row of the cups, on each side of the work, joining to the cup when turning arong the short side, add a simle chain at the opposite end to tie,

For the back, make a long chain to lace it up.

Finished size: cup width and height 14cm. Initial row – 7cm, chain – 6cm . Band length 64 cm but it’s rather tight, 7 cm long.

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