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I have been working on all of the three projects I have started last week, and made some great progress. It feels so great to get my knitting mojo back.

I have finished the “Pieces of 8” mitts. I really like them and hope to use them a lot this autumn. I managed to loose my last darning needle, so ends still need weaving in. It happened between finishing first and second mitt, so when I needed to graft the second one, I first tried using a crochet hook – but that was waaay too confusing, as you have to insert the hook in the opposite direction to pull out the yarn, compared to when you have a needle. I was so frustrated, I managed to thread my yarn into a regular needle.  There are some mistakes in the pattern though: In step 5 after placing second marker cast on 66 sts (I wasn’t sure first, so cast on 70 and delete creased on stich a row afterwards). When you get to picking up stitches between the starting point and the cast on edge for the first time you need to pick up 2 stitches to arrive the at the good stitch count. And after step 6 for both mitts I had 92 sts, not 93.

wpid-img_20150920_231306.jpg wpid-img_20150920_231314.jpg wpid-img_20150920_234323.jpg

I also ripped back the hat I started for my mom, and re-started using a larger hook, to get a softer fabric. Here is my progress on top of the hat I am trying to recreate.


Finally, I’ve used one whole skein on my diagonal stripes scarf. I’m now reassured that I have enough yarn to finish it, yay!


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      Yarn chicken is a game I play way too often… In 90% of cases in turns out I bought way too much yarn. I really don’t hope to find the needle, I think I dropped it on the move, so will have to buy a new one. Or like 50 if them to last me at least a year, lol..

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    You’ve made great progress on all your projects. The hat is growing nicely, the scarf looks great and your gloves are amazing! Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

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