WIP Wednesday – back to white dress

As a part of Nerdopolis on Ravelry, I have entered my white dress to Summit Seekers challenge, where a progress report must be given monthly to get a star :). As the deadline for this month’s check in is approaching, it kicked my butt to go back to it at least for one evening.

I have decided to change the construction completely to avoid the annoying yoke. So once again I ripped the last round of motifs and re-arranged them in a new fashion, and make s few new ones, to complete the round. I also swatched in wavy pattern to calculate that section.


Also, today I crocheted for the first time in the cinema – we took out kids to see the new Spongebob Movie (I  loved this one much more than the first one), and I did a few rows of my blanket there.

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