YOP – Week of the 3rd of May


Since I finished quite a few items lately, this week was the week of new beginnings.

I have started the first of two presents for  my kids’ teachers, I hope it’ll work out well. It’s going to be the Laid-back Cat (free pattern from Crochet Parfait). I’ve got the head and the body ready. It’s now time for the tiny bits that I don’t enjoy doing (legs, and tail and other bits):

2015-05-03 15-26-06


Other project I’ve started yesterday is hopefully going to be a cardigan for my daughter. She has asked for one in the same yarn as my Riviera Skies top, but with buttons and long sleeves. I’m now swatching for a simple wave pattern – I hope to make a raglan one top down.

2015-05-03 22-59-09


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    I just followed your link and the laid back cat made me smile! I’ll look forward to seeing more of your one. The crochet wave pattern looks very nice too. It’ll make a lovely cardigan for your daughter :) Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

    • 2

      The cat makes me smile, too :) I hope mine comes out as cute as the one in the picture. Thank you for passing by)

    • 4

      Hmm, I’m a bit worried about it myself, but determined to make it work. We shall see. I just hate making sweaters in pieces, because you don’t know how it’ll fit until all the parts are done and seamed.

    • 6

      Just going to grind my teeth and get on with it. As a prize will start fingerless gloves for me from super squishy yarn when I’m done :)

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