Small Macrame Basket

This is a very brief description of the basic decorative basket using macrame. Mostly for my keepsake.

Macaroni Macrame PP cord (2 mm, 200g, cca 230 m)

4 strands of 2 m

20 strands of 1m

1 strand 50 cm

tie a knot in the middle of 4x2m strands, 12 square knots. Intie the knot and make 12 square knots in the other direction.

Use 2 strands from one end and 2 from the other, overlaying in opposite directions, as a base to place 10 1m strands folded in half using larks head knot. Repeat on the other side.

2 square knots to fixate the guides on each side.

8 rounds od square knots for the body.

1 round square knots using 2 strands as one.

Using 50cm strand make a wrap tie knot

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