YOP Week of October the 19th – Red Dress, Part 6.

My goal is to recreate this dress. I am using 100% cotton – Cotton Soft Speciale Baby by Lane Mondial (180m/50g). It’s not as shimmery as the yarn in the picture, so the overall effect will be slightly different. I am using US crochet terminology throughout. I am blogging in quite a detail to document for me and for anyone else who is interested the whole process. Click on tag “Red Dress” to see all related posts.

Teri Hatcher

This week I have been able to try the top part on properly to see how it fits, and it does, what a relief! Originally I was planning to put some sort of buttons at the back, but now I am thinking I might use it for a V neck line in the front. I keep changing plans for waist and hip shaping, since as the dress grows it changes how it fits me. By the way, it fits me much better than the dummy, as she’s way thinner than me.

2014-10-19 09-42-13 2014-10-19 09-43-04


It looks more folk style, and less “glossy”, but that’s the yarn – I’d need mercerized cotton or some sort of blend and slightly thinner yarn for that. But I really like how it’s turning out. Can’t wait to finish it and block it.


Click on tag “YoP” to see all related posts.

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