YoP: Week of November the 9th – yay, two done!


I am so happy! I have actually finished some stuff!

This cowl for my mom is a second attempt to make her a cowl. The first one wasn’t too comfy, so I ripped it, and made this one – I had to buy more yarn, and now have 2 skeins left. She loves it, and so do I. It looks clean and classy, and is super easy, too – just a stripe of stockinette stitch curling naturally sewn in a circle.

mom's cowl 2


I have also used my home-dyed yarn to make my girl a pair of fingerless mitts. I haven’t used any patter for these either – again plain stockinette.

candy mitts 3

candy mitts 2

candy mitts

Here’s an update on my list for this year.

1. Tango tunic – cancelled
2. Red cotton dress for me – WIP

3. I promised my man a hat and a scarf for the winter.
4. I hope to make a hat and possibly a scarf for me from the yarn I dyed myself for the first time – now changed to a hat and a cowl for my daughter – WIP

5. Fingerless mitts for my daughter.  – DONE

6. anotherbeach dress for me
7. Chunky cowl for my mom. I got the yarn for it – DONE
8. A top for me….

9. Very not sure, but may be this afghan for a friend who loves social games.

10. my Comfort Blanket – WIP

11. a few dishcloths – one done

12. a new scrubbie from old neylons – one done

13. a cozy for the teapot I got as a present.

14. One or two pillow covers



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  1. 8
    Sandra Licher

    The cowl is beautiful and of course, will go with everything! You are so talented; dyeing your own yarn and then making things without a pattern? I have trouble even with a pattern! LOL! The mitts are darling and the afghan I faved as it looks like a great way to use up yarn scraps and could possibly be a rug?
    How’s that red crocheted medallion dress coming along? I will never forget that as it is beautiful! Have a great week!

    • 9

      Hi Sandra, just found your comment in spam! Thank you for your kind words! I have to admit that I have problems with quite few patterns, so I make up my own stuff, but usually it’s very basic – stockinette stitch and easy construction. If you haven’t seen my recent post yet, you can take a look at the dress – I’ve made some progress )).

  2. 10

    The mitts are great and so glad you were able to please your self and your mom with the cowl. Your list looks so nice and there are lots of things on there that are very interesting to me. Will wait and see when they are finished.

  3. 12

    Love the fingerless mitts – been meaning to make myself some for driving for ages now. Perhaps this winter…

    The cowl looks great, what a beautiful and wearable project!

    • 13

      Thank you! I’d love to make a pair for myself, too – for colder days in the office. Maybe a bit of a pattern instead of just plain stockinette. But I don’t have anymore good sock yarn in my stash, and they don’t really carry in LYS. Hmmm some on-line yarn shopping ;)

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