YOP: Week of the 23rd of October – one FO and Red Dress Part 7.


Last few weeks were quite productive. I have finished a hat to complement Candy Mitts for E. I plan to add crocheted flowers to both, if I ever get round to it. I still have enough of yarn to make her a matching cowl. I plan to use that opportunity to do one more thing on my list: to revamp the lace scarf pattern (it’s the second most visited pattern on my blog, but I think the first pattern I ever wrote up, so it deserves some brushing up).


I also made some great progress on my red dress:


From now on, there won’t be any shaping, just simple rows of stitched and flower motives. I have unassembled the bottom part, the one that I have finished first. I now do the dc/tr section differently, and it’s too wide. I’m using the motives though, so the progress now is quicker. On the other hand, I have realised that at the top of the dress I have used different technique of joining the dc/tr section to the next band of motives, and it can be done neater. I still haven’t decided if I’ll rip those two rounds or  not – I can do it at any point of time, so no need to rush here.

I am working to create a dress inspires by this gorgeous one. If you would like to read more about this project, take a look at other posts.

Teri Hatcher



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    Renee Anne

    I think I’m in love with the dress :) It makes me wish I could wear things like that again but, alas, not going to happen without looking like a frumpy old whale. Oh well. I can dream, right?

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