Lunchtime knitting

Now that the excruciating heat around midday is gone, I would love to spend more lunches outside (and sneak some knitting in), rather than stay at my desk staring at the PC screen. Should have 2-3 months of nice enough weather. 🌄Ужасная летняя жара прошла, и я надеюсь, что буду чаще обедать (и вязать) на улице + а не сидеть за своим столом, уткнувшись в компьютер. Еще пару месяцев должна быть подходящая погода. 🌻

Knitting on the bus

Knitting on the bus 😁, but this yarn is impossible to take good picture of. I guess the glossy silk is to blame 😒. My favourite #lacecapelet by @tanisknits from #vogueknitting in the background. Вяжу в автобусе – так любая дорога летит быстро. А вот эту пряжу фотографировать -одна морока, видимо шелк очень отсвечивает. В качестве фона – моя любимая кружевная шаль из хлопка, по описанию Танис Грей.

Better later then never.

Better later then never. Watching #twinpeaks for the first time. 5cm of rib is done, now to miles of stockinette stitch. Лучше поздно чем никогда. Смотрю Твин Пикс, и вяжу – резинка готова, теперь передо мной километры чулочной вязки.

A bit of crochet outside

It was very inspiring to watch my daughter the other day. We were outside, and I was sitting down dealing with the pain from tooth extraction while she was trying to teach herself rollerblading. She must have fallen down at least twenty times – probably way more than that. But she would smile at me, get up, and go on trying.

Classic KIP – in the dentist’s waiting room

Во Франции нас еще ни разу ни один врач не принял вовремя. сегодня уже ждем 25 минут после назначенного времени. образец довязан, надеюсь, нас уже скоро позовут 😬 In France, it has never yet happened to me that a doctor would take us exactly at the time we’ve been scheduled for. Today’s wait so far 25 minutes after the appointment time 😤 I have finished my swatch and really hope we’ll be called soon.